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We're experts on the cost of education. We should be. Our founder, Cyrus Shepard, spent nine years in college while enrolled at three different universities across the United States. By paying for almost a decade of school on his own, he became a master of the student discount - living well while paying less. After graduation, Globe Student Discount was born.


No one should suffer through education because of his or her budget. School can be expensive, but it is also a period of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. At Globe Student Discount, our goal is to connect you to all of life's possibilities.


Today we work with dozens of top companies to provide the most comprehensive list of deals found anywhere - for students, parents and teachers. In addition, we strive to keep it simple. That means no registration required, we never ask for your credit card and we will never charge a fee like some other companies.



Being a student means freedom on a tight budget. We ask two questions about our deals at the Globe, “Do you want it?” and “Do you need it?” Take advantage of your student status and experience freedom for less.


We know students buy a lot of stuff, but we also know parents buy a lot of stuff for their kids. Get them what they need at the savings you deserve. Learn more about student discounts for parents.


Educators often enjoy the exact same discounts as students, offered directly to teachers! You belong to one of the biggest discount programs in the world. Get started here.


Got a great discount you want to share? We want to hear from you. Student discounts are a great tool for promoting your business. Visit our merchant page for more.

If you need help, don't hesitate to ask. Read our FAQ or visit the Globe Forums to check out community conversations. To receive updates about the latest deals and news, register here. Contact us anytime. At the Globe, we're here to help.


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