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BuyTextbooks from Chegg

BuyTextbooks from Chegg

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Buy new and used college textbooks from Chegg and save 65-85%. Rent textbooks or sell your old textbooks back for college cash.



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Buy the cheapest textbooks online from Chegg. Save 65-85% Chegg is famous for planting a tree for every cheap textbook they sell, rent, buy or donate. Chegg works with over 5500 college campuses across the world and has saved students and schools millions of dollars. When you buy from Chegg, you get to return your item at no charge. Choose from over 1.75 million college textbook titles. And you don't even have to fight the lines at the bookstore. Read more about Chegg.








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54321  Buy a cheap book - Plant a tree

By Pro Student


Five things you need to know about Chegg. 1. Chegg is largest textbook renter in the world. 2. Chegg guarantees that textbooks are delivered in fewer than seven days. 3. Chegg will take any book back with a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked. 4. Chegg will also buy back books you have purchased. 5. Chegg plants a tree for every textbook we rent and buy.




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