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Save Green with eTextbooks

Save Green with eTextbooks

From CourseSmart

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Carry all your eTextbooks on your laptop everywhere you go. Now with the ability to search and highlight. Print pages, download instantly or view online.



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  • Search & Highlight Important Stuff
  • Skip the bookstore lines!
  • Carry all your eTextbooks on you laptop
  • Print Pages Instantly




Half the cost of traditional textbooks and instant downloads. CourseSmart is the leader in online textbook sales. The have revolutionized the way students and professors download textbooks online. CourseSmart offers free tools with every purchase including technology to search and highlight your etextbook. They offer the option of downloading your textbook to your computer to carry with you wherever you go, or you can chose to view your etextbook online. Great customer service and the technology of the future.








Community Reviews:


54321  The way of the future

By Pro Student


I have a similar feeling towards etextbooks as I do the Amazon Kindle. It's kinda awkward at first, but eventually everybody will do it this way. I do most of my research online anyway, so now my textbooks are just another way of working online. Plus it's so much easier to search and save information.




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