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Student Netbooks From $299

Student Netbooks From $299

From Best Buy

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Great deals on the best netbooks for students. Student netbooks start at $249. Models include Dell Netbooks, Sony Netbooks, Acer Netbooks and more.



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From $299

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  • Discount Acer Netbooks
  • Special Dell Netbooks
  • Save on Asus Netbooks
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Great deal on brand new student netbooks. Dell, Asus and more. Best Buy has been selling consumer electronics for over 40 years and employs over 150,000 people. Best Buy is also the world’s largest specialty consumer electronics retailer and a Fortune 100 company (#66) with over 1300 stores. In 2009 Best Buy worked to develop the Next Class line of laptops, designed especially to meet the needs of students. Read more about Best Buy.








Community Reviews:


54321  Buy a new one every year

By Pro Student


We picked up an Asus netbook for my niece who is starting college as a freshman. At this price we could almost buy her a new one every year. Only weighs 2 1/2 pounds. If you buy online you can usually get free shipping and a deal on a decent printer too.



54321  Love Best Buy

By Susan


Need I say more?




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