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Discount Airline Tickets For Students

Discount Airline Tickets For Students

From StudentUniverse

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Find the cheapest student airline tickets at StudentUniverse. Save on college student airfare, travel deals and discount flights.



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Cheap discount flights for college students. Fine cheap student and faculty airline tickets at StudentUniverse, the largest volume travel agency in the US for students. Parents trust StudentUniverse to give them the best price on discount tickets. No discount cards required. StudentUniverse believes no one should ever have to pay for a student discount, especially for airline tickets and travel deals. Student airfares at StudentUniverse are not only a better deal, they give greater flexibility and better terms. So whether you are traveling to study abroad, flying home or going on a crazy spring break, make sure you get your student travel discount. Read more about Student Universe.








Community Reviews:


54321  Got Great Tickets

By Pro Student


Purchased tickets to Mexico through Student Universe. Party on. Got 'em cheaper than Priceline



32121  Easy Tickets for Students

By Alicia B


I go to school in Oregon and fly home to New Jersey at least three times a year. I've done Priceline, Expedia, you name it. My last flight with Student Universe was $50 less expensive than anywhere else. But the next time I needed to fly the tickets were MORE expensive. I guess you just have to try your luck. You get the basic e-ticket and everything else is just like a regular travel site. They supposedly have deals on hotels and trips, but I personally haven't tried them for that.




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