How to Save on Family Computer Software



I love those Microsoft commercials, the ones with the little girl who likes to play home alone computer genius. At age four, she sends emails, edits movies, Twitters and schedules a NASA launch all from her Microsoft-powered laptop. I think the point of the commercial is to make me feel stupid for not being able to do half these things.


In your case, I hope you already have a kindergartner lying around your house somewhere. If you do, you can get all that software up to 50% off.


How the Discount Works

Parents qualify for software discounts when they have any child enrolled in school. That means you can buy Microsoft Office at 30-50% off retail, even if you have a first grader. Install it on your home computer. Put it on the kids’ laptop. Your ninth grader can use it for homework and your 11th grader can post YouTube videos.


Beyond Microsoft, parents can use student discounts to buy a whole range of software, including…

  • Adobe, including Photoshop, CS4 and Acrobat
  • Corel
  • Music & Creativity Software
  • Early Learning and Educational Software

Two of the biggest discount retailers are Academic Superstore and JourneyEd. They both specialize in working with parents.


How to Qualify

In order to get the discount, you just have to prove your child is a student. For K-12 students you need to send, email or fax a copy of ONE of the following –

  • Report Card
  • School ID
  • Registration Receipt
  • Letter of Enrollment on school letterhead

If your child attends college, you can also checkout using the student’s college-issued email address (ending in .edu).  You will have to get help from your child for this, but they should be grateful you are buying software for their future.


Both Academic Superstore and JourneyEd are eager to help parents qualify. The software is legal and licensed, and continues to work even after your child graduates.





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