Still Time to Qualify for Windows 7 Student Discount



Microsoft has finally got on the bandwagon and is offering a great deal with its Windows 7 student discount. College students can save nearly a hundred dollars on this new operating system.  Although students and regular folk alike have been rushing to download a copy before the promotion ends, there is every indication Microsoft will leave the Windows 7 student discount in place permanently.

If you are like me, you generally upgrade your operating system only by default when you buy a new computer or need a new copy of Microsoft Word. Even then, you don’t think about it much. But this year has been marked by two exciting operating system releases. The first came when Apple announced it would sell its highly praised Mac OS X Snow Leopard for only $29.00. Most insiders speculate this is why Microsoft responded by dropping the price of Windows 7 to $29.99. (Leave it to Microsoft to squeeze out the extra 99 cents.) Two great operating systems, both available for the price of a couple of movie tickets and popcorn.

Microsoft has set up a couple of web pagesto help students and families purchase Windows 7 and other deeply discounted Microsoft products. Microsoft calls it the Ultimate Steal, and for good reason. In addition to offering Windows 7 for $30, qualified students can walk away with a copy of Office Ultimate 2007 for only $59.95. That’s a 90% student discount. It’s also a better deal than what’s offered at authorized Microsoft resellers like Academic Superstore or Journey Ed.

Another site called DigitalRiver offers the same downloadable version of Windows 7 for the same price. I’ve heard some reports of difficulty in upgrading Windows 7 from a downloadable copy.  So unless you really know what you’re doing, consider buying direct from Microsoft and paying the extra $14 for hard DVD copies of the software.

Microsoft verifies all purchases by checking for a valid edu email address. They say only college students qualify for the Windows 7 discount, so I’m not sure if they disqualify professors or other educators with valid email accounts. If you’re a teacher, it’s worth a shot to try.

So if you need a tricked-out operating system with faster, head over to Microsoft and pick up a copy of Windows 7. But if you’re like me, you might just use this as an excuse to buy a new computer.


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