Homeschool Computer Discounts - Three Options



Homeschooling can be the greatest experience in the world, especially if you like your teacher and get along with your classmates.

If you don’t like your teacher and you hate your classmates, well… it’s going to be a long semester.

For those of us not involved in homeschooling, it is easy to overlook the extra expenses of teaching your children without government support. It can really throw a wrench into your retirement plans. No one provides your child with a desk, textbooks, gym equipment or a school lunch (this last one may be a good thing.)

One thing’s for sure – it’s hard to teach at home without a good student computer. While larger school systems can purchase huge volumes of computer systems for pennies on the dollar, homeschoolers must purchase at prices closer to retail, all while staying within the family budget.

Computer manufactures have been slow in recognizing the vast homeschool market, but a few are starting to come around.


Three Retailers for Computer Discounts

Three of the best options for parents to find homeschool computer discounts are Apple, Dell, and Lenovo.

  • Apple  - The Apple Store for Education offers probably the best and easiest to access discounts for homeschoolers. Apple offer discount prices on popular iMacs and student Macbooks at about the same level as their regular education pricing, which is to say from 5-10%. Verification is a snap and the store is easy to navigate. (After clicking the link, scroll to the bottom of the page for the Homeschool Store.)
  • Dell – Thank the good people at the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op for setting up an easy, self-service buying program for Dell Computers.  They offer a link through which homeschoolers can receive savings of 2%-12% on Dell Dimension desktops and Inspiron student notebooks.
  • Lenovo  - A computer manufacturer most people don’t think about, Lenovo offers solutions for families with children in grades K-12. Again, homeschoolers easily qualify for the discount computer pricing. Lenovo limits purchases to five computers per household.

Remember, It’s usually not a good idea to purchase the least expensive computer system, as it will probably be slow and out of date within a year or two. Buying a more powerful computer system means it will probably last longer.

Now enjoy your new computer.


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