The Best Computer for College Students?



Getting ready for your first year of college and you have a million things on your plate. You need start packing all your goods, go shopping for your dorm room necessities, register for all your classes; how are you suppose to find the time to research and pick out the most important item on your school supply list - your computer? And where will you find the best student deals?


We’ve gone through and broke down all the key specs and pinpointed the best computer for students depending on what you decide to pursue your degree in.

1.) Computers for Art and Graphic Design Students

As you probably know, most students majoring in Art or Graphic Design tend to choose a student Mac. Here’s why. Apple has a better handling on graphics with better color rendering and font capabilities than a PC. Additionally, Mac’s editing applications all have easy to use user interfaces from iPhoto and iMovie to their professional tools. Because there is really no difference in the software that is available for graphic design (Student Discount Adobe) between a Mac and PC, Mac’s edge on color calibration, font management, ease of use, and not to mention a large, beautiful screen to develop your projects on, makes it a perfect computer for art and computer graphic students. Also, many design firms and art departments use Apple computers so recruiters will be seeking students that have familiarity with Mac’s OS.


Students looking for a portable Mac that will run quickly and smoothly while working on large projects should consider the MacBook Pro. It's got plenty of ram, and double the amount of graphics memory as a Macbook. For a student discount laptop, try the Apple Store or MacMall.

2.) Computers for Engineering and Computer Science Students

Lets say instead you decided to go towards a more technical degree such as Engineering, Computer Science, or Math, you will want to look for a high-powered Windows machine. For Engineering students, your laptops will need to be able to run demanding applications, the standard ones being AutoCAD and MATLAB. Think of the type of software you will run and pick a laptop with enough power to run such applications. Look for something with at least 3 gigs of RAM and dual-core CPU. A great choice would be the Lenovo ThinkPad T400. This model packs a powerful 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 3GB of ram and has often been recommended by professional engineers.

3.) Computers for Business and Liberal Art students

If you are going to school for any sort of business or liberal arts degree, you probably won’t need to be studying the tech specs of the laptops at the electronic stores too hard. What you need is an affordable laptop that will last you the next four years and can be easily carried around campus. Though nowadays you can get many laptops with small price tags, many of these are designed to last only one or two years before needing replacement. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you lose your final term paper cause your computer decides to break. The Sony VAIO is one of the most recommended laptops for students by colleges. Additionally, Sony often has large discounts for students when buying time comes around.


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