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College was great for me. I like it so much I spent nine years there.

I did almost everything a student could do. I made life-long friends, explored new ideas, took more road trips than I could count and, of course, occasionally I studied. By the time I graduated I was a little older than most of the other students, and maybe a little wiser. Nevertheless, through all my classwork from Shakespeare to physics, the one lesson I learned better than any other was “How do I pay for all this?”


Vincent Aarts, William Fales, Cyrus Shepard & Matthew Hamilton

The Globe - Vincent Aarts, William Fales, Cyrus Shepard & Matthew Hamilton

I maxed out my financial aid, took out a heap of loans, worked part-time and often full-time, and learned the limits of credit cards. No doubt about it, I was the poorest person I knew. But I never let this stop me from enjoying myself. The truth is, students need a lot of things. They need computers and productivity tools, essentials like clothes and food, and they need to have fun during the best years of their lives.

The trick is getting all these things without spending a lot of money. Early on, I learned to leverage the power of the student discount.  Whether buying my first Apple computer, or going on an adventure to Europe, I discovered many ways to take advantage of my situation. When student discounts weren’t available, I learned other ways to get the best stuff for cheap. I might have been poor, but I used the tools available to me in order to live great.

I have carried these lessons with me through life. I never believe in paying ‘full price.’ There is always a bargain, always a cheaper way. Seize the discount!

I started Globe Student Discount to help people like the student I used to be. So enjoy yourself. Buy yourself that cool new laptop. Or take an awesome vacation. And do it without spending as much as you thought.

Welcome to Globe Student Discount. Let us know how we can help.


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